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Chef Marie O'Brien

Chef Marie is passionate about creating delicious, healthy food that people love to eat, using real, whole ingredients. As a Health Supportive Chef and Health & Wellness Coach, she specializes in Health Supportive Cooking using whole ingredients without the use of processed foods, refined sugars, gluten & dairy. She creates customized meals based on her clients individual needs and goals.

As a graduate from the Institute of Culinary Education in Health Supportive Culinary Arts and a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Chef Marie has extensive knowledge to navigate the many dietary needs of clients with the ability to customize to any diet, allergy, dietary restriction or preference.

She is especially skillful at creating craveable savory meals to satisfy any palate and restriction. Chef Marie has a passion for many different cuisines, but she truly enjoys Italian, Mexican, South American and Asian flavors. She follows a healthy lifestyle herself, and enjoys creating delicious dishes drawing from the natural flavors of the ingredients used in these cuisines.

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I love food and I love cooking!

With the abundance that nature provided and the diversity of cultures and cuisines, I enjoy a variety of cuisines and cooking styles, and I continue to discover new flavors and techniques regularly.

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Weekly Meal Prep

Spend your valuable time on the things that are most important to you and leave the cooking and planning to me! Customizable menu plan available for you and your family.


Personal Chef Services

Bring restaurant quality meals to your dinner table without worrying about any dietary restrictions you or your guests may have!

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Cooking Instruction

Customizable options available to help you adapt to a new dietary restriction. Single sessions to full packages with pantry makeover and coaching available.

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Food FiXx Pantry Deep Dive

 Navigate your new dietary protocol with ease. This personalized service will help you adapt to new dietary guidlines often associated with illness and chronic symptoms.

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Customized Packages Available

Set up a call with Marie or drop her a line to discuss your personal needs. Marie serves Manhattan and Westchester.


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